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WWII Vet in Racine Parade
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Parade Info

Racine's 88th annual parade

Time & date

What time does the parade start?

Thursday, July 4, 2024 – We start with a pre-parade at 8:30am. The pre-parade features the noisy police cars, fire engines, military vehicles, classic cars, tractors, etc. The parade then steps off at 9:00am.

Remember we want you to stay safe! Please no silly string, no poppers or firecrackers, and no crossing in front of the units.

Parade Route

When can I claim my spot?

The parade route is 2.6 miles along Main Street – starting officially at Goold St. and Main St. moving south around the turn up 14th Street.

The streets start to close on the north end at 7:00am moving south and will be fully closed around 8:00am. The earliest you can claim your spot on the parade route is 5:00am.

Watching the Parade

What if I can’t make it in person?

You can watch the parade live on Channel 24, and it is livestreamed from the My24 website if you are outside of the broadcast area. You can also watch past parades at any time on our YouTube channel!

2024 Parade Theme

American Treasures

We invite parade entries to use this theme for their units and floats. American Treasures means monuments, icons, and all the wonderful people, places, and things that make America unique and special.


Who Sponsors the Show?


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